Guy reports from RAF ScamptonWatch now (3 min) | Efforts to save the home of the Dambusters look doomed by a Home Office decision to turn the site into an immigrant detention centre
Putin and Xi may not be herding people into gas chambers, but they're guilty of the same crimes as Hitler and Stalin
EARLIER this week, I was approached by a company called Web Summit with a very exciting offer. Would I like to come to Toronto, the email asked, ‘to…
Guy interviewed about his hunt for Nazi gold on BBC World NewsWatch now (5 min) | I’M THRILLED by the amount of coverage that my Nazi gold-hunting trip to Holland has received. Not only was it featured on page 3 of…
Anyone want to come and help me dig it up?
The Duke of Sussex has no options that will leave him or those close to him unharmed
Hot on the heels of yesterday's post of my favourite rural landscapes, here are some examples that show I do make it out of Wiltshire and into towns and…
Nothing more than some of my favourite rural landscape shots from this year. Urban landscapes and interiors to come. Do let me know your favourite!
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Alexander Rose
The War Room
The War Room
Dr Robert Lyman