Apr 12, 2022 • 30M

1. A Drink with Walt: Hamish de Bretton-Gordon

In my first podcast episode, I drink with Britain's leading chemical warfare expert about the challenges faced by the war in Ukraine, and the chances of Putin using chemical – and other – weapons.

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Guy Walters
Join historian Guy Walters from Walt's World as he burrows into the past, delves into the present, and forages into the future. Warning: May also contain barbecue recipes, cocktails, and horrific shirts.
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Hamish and I had our drink at the excellent Royal Oak in Swallowcliffe in Wiltshire, which attracts a lot of petrol heads because it is partly owned by James May. Although Hamish did have a pint of Peroni, he switched to white wine because he was about to go onto Channel 4 News. I stuck to English Lore from Gritchie. The noises in the background are people playing pétanque – my favourite sport! – which I’m delighted to see is getting more popular in Britain.