What is Walt’s World?

Quite simply, it’s THE place where I now exist online. Instead of spreading myself around numerous social media platforms, I now have a single space where I can blather on about the things I love – chiefly history and current affairs, but also the lighter stuff, such as cooking and drinks, long-distance running, pretty landscapes, and horrific shirts.

I’m sorry, I haven’t a clue who you are.

This is fine. I’ve been a journalist, historian, and TV presenter since 1992. I’ve written some twelve books – a mixture of history and fiction; contributed to countless newspapers and magazines all across the globe; and have appeared as a presenter or talking head on some forty shows on channels such as Channel 4, Yesterday, Netflix, Discovery, and NatGeo. While my work is mainly about the Third Reich, I write and broadcast about all periods of history, and contribute general features to newspapers on just about anything – I have even written somewhat authoritatively about flannel sheets.

Why should I subscribe?

If you subscribe, you get full access to Walt’s World. You’ll be able to read, listen, watch and comment on the lot, as well as interact with me, both online and in real life. Although I’ll still be on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, this is the place where I’ll be properly engaging with you, whether that’s discussing if Josef Goebbels really was a propaganda genius (not really), suggesting ideas for forthcoming live talks (all ideas welcome), or asking me the best substitute for a Campari in a Negroni (Berto bitter). If, however, you choose not to subscribe, only a few posts will be available for free.

What’s the damage?

A subscription to Walt’s World costs just £5 per month. I’m aware that with rising household costs, we all have to tighten our belts, but I hope you feel this is good value. I would love to give away my work, but I feel that writers have been doing that for far too long, and have merely enriched others. In fact, as the average price of a pint of beer in the UK is around £5, then just think of it as buying me a drink every month to say thank you. The whole thing feels a lot less grubby then, doesn’t it? Cheers!

I see I can be a ‘founding member’ for £200 per year… Why on earth would I do that?

It’s a good question. The short answer is this: Lunch. Once a year. In London. On me. (OK, basically on you as you’ll have effectively paid for it, but whatever.) The idea is that the founding members get together for the type of lunch that definitely requires a taxi home. It will, I suspect, be a lot of fun. NB: The subscription is included!

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