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Urban landscapes of 2022

Rural landscapes of 2022

Secretary of genocide

The forgotten day in 1938 when a boat load of German veterans sailed up the Thames led by an Old Etonian Obergruppenführer

Boosting her assets

In praise of second cities

Should this memorial to the Danes who died fighting for Hitler be allowed to stand?

Nazi gold still not found!

"I think about him every day – I suppose in a way I loved him."

So is Doncaster REALLY part of Scotland?

The glamour of television

The problem with memories

Passing by

The battle for Alderney's wartime past

Escape with me to Colditz – and Stalag Luft III!

On the wrongness of dressing up in an SS uniform

Who would want to buy Hitler's watch?

Why the Tories should make Kemi Badenoch the next Prime Minister

Should centenarian former concentration camp guards really be put on trial?

Join Guy on a tour of Colditz and Stalag Luft III!

3. A Drink with Walt: Paul Bavill

Why the swastika should not be banned

'Get off my laaa-and!'

The truth behind The Odessa File

Embracing my inner Rylan

Johnson's Eton problem

Posh criminals shouldn't get obituaries in The Times

Why I'm wild about wildflowers

Eleven things the Nazis did – and really didn't – invent

Some thoughts about visiting Hitler's hideaways

Greetings from Munich!

The British plot to kill Lenin

Some thoughts about the new 'find' of Nazi gold...

2. A Drink with Walt: Nick Wharmby

The man who started the Second World War

Guy recalls his terrifying experience on a 'smart' motorway on Good Morning Britain

A Short History of a Welshman in Ukraine

It's time Eton went co-ed

Why I'm delighted that 9 in 10 adults under the age of 30 don't know about Mary Seacole

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Please, no more fake Holocaust memoirs ever again

The triumph of the Scotch egg

Guy interviewed on Sky News about the sinking of the Belgrano

Exclusive preview of The Pope and The Devil – and behind the scenes in the Vatican's Secret Archive!

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The rise of the professional talking head

Trying Her Majesty's favourite tipple

Did Adolf Hitler really only have one ball?

The sinking of the Belgrano was not a war crime

What are the signs that you're middle-aged?

Why I think Priti Patel's plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda is like Eichmann's plan to send Jews to Madagascar

It's time to bring back the cravat

1. A Drink with Walt: Hamish de Bretton-Gordon

If you think Boris Johnson and his ministers are a bunch of crooks, then take a look at Narendra Modi's cabinet...

Investigating war crimes – then and now

I'm sure none of you watch TV at eight in the morning...

The British SS in The Eagle Has Landed

Pre-lunch sherry...

Mimi Reinhardt, the secretary who drew up Oskar Schindler's list, dies at 107

'Yvette', the spy who really wasn't